Science Project
Beach balls, motor, machined parts, steel rod
132" x 96"

“Science Project,” is an 11-foot kinetic sculpture of 80 beach balls that whirl around a central moving pole, like a perpetual motion device. Referencing the formal qualities of atomic models made in science class, this piece operates as its own science project exploring elements of color, space, time, gravity, and motion as a way to effect the participant and pull them out of their heads. “Science Project” seeks to give its audience a sense of grounding, and bring an awareness to the now. The viewer’s experience here is vital. Its bright colors and whimsical movement evoke a feeling of euphoria and optimism. The constant whirring of the mechanical elements creates gentle wind and a white noise, further drawing the viewer’s attention to their current surroundings. The combined effect of these sensorial features provides an opportunity to bring the viewer back into their body, and out of their minds; to bring their attention to the present moment.